We want to create meaning in our lives.


We create a safe space and a working environment that is true to our souls.


We find value in ourselves and the people we connect with. We create inspiring, meaningful moments by sharing stories and ideas that move the world.

We create non-fiction series licensed by The Concept Company

We offer the historic Brückenloft for your event.


We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeit der Freiheit

we are:


In the company just be., I want to create real flow, a state in which we are close to ourselves and create from the heart, expecting nothing. In the process we might break patterns of thought and behaviour and find new formats that lead us all to freedom – in the perception in what we recognize as truth, in our feelings and experiences. For me, just be. is a testing lab and a jump into a future that we don`t know yet.



I support Bernd in bringing crazy ideas to market and planning the whole thing financially and strategically. My remote workplace is located at a beautiful beach in Thailand. From here I also manage the businesses of Zeit der Freiheit and The Concept Company.



I`m a certified feelgood manager and am passionate about building communities. I support artists and companies in experiencing magical moments in unique places in Leipzig, like the Brückenloft and the Georg-Maurer-Atelier.

It´s time to get started.


just be. GmbH
Nonnenstr. 21/21a
Aptmt. 312​
04229 Leipzig

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